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Yesterday morning: 13 minutes to put in both contacts.

Yesterday afternoon: took the left out, swished it around in some solution for a moment, and put it back in, in about 3 minutes, I think. A nice big friendly bathroom countertop at work with huuuuge mirror helped a lot. At home I have a tiny mirror on a small surface to work with (I'll take a photo sometime in the next couple days).

Thanks, everyone, for all the advice. It seems to be coming together. Getting the contacts out yesterday evening was already pretty easy.

I still seem to find it a lot easier to put them in when my finger is relatively dry, still, since when it's wet, the contact really likes to invert and stick to the finger. Maybe as my aim gets better it'll be easier to put them in wetter, and then I can get one extra final rinse in before putting them in. For now, I just have to notice if it's irritated when I put it in, and be willing to take it back out, clean it off, and try again. Or close my eye, push down to hold the contact in place under the lid, and move my eye around, to get stuff out from under the lens. Actually, at this point, I bet I could do that without closing my eye... I wonder how bad an idea that is (with the eye open or closed).

So far I've been doing marathon sessions — 10am Saturday to midnight, 10am Sunday to 10pm, 9am yesterday to 10pm — and my eyes themselves don't seem to have any problems. Like I said, yesterday I had some irritation mid-day that I cleaned out, but other than that... it seems fine so far. For the people that suggested starting slowly, with short stints each day, is there anything that I should worry about that I wouldn't notice firsthand?

In a short while I'll be trying to put them in again. I'm hoping to shatter yesterday's 13 minute time with a newfound ease that comes from the practice I've been getting. I'll report more later. :)
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