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fever broken

So this past week I've been feeling general blahs, and vaguely under the weather... Since flying out of Ontario airport from Gen Con So-Cal, really. I went to work three days last week, got some writing done for the design doc, and dealt with a little customer request here or there. Thursday I went through the motions of attending chenoameg's holiday feast, and the people and food were amazing, and I was upgraded from "enh" to "all right".

Today, I started out kinda blah, went through a phase of really tired, napped partway through a rented movie I watched with friends, and then played some WoW.

After the raid was over (it only took 3:12 for MC! woo!) I suddenly realized I was hungry. And wasn't coughing. And... well... a cup of tea and some ramen w/ turkey later, I felt better than I have in a while.

Accomplishments while in the fog:
  • bought a new microwave (the old one had earned the nickname 'sparky'), bought a new electric kettle, bought a big pile of new tea, threw out the old tea with expiration dates around the turn of the century...
  • set up a new network adapter for my PC (wireless is a little less consistent, but the wire to the closet had gone to consistently completely dead - the wireless may only be a stopgap... I hope)
  • went on three raids in three days (AQ40 (killed Skeram!), BWL (got boots and a trinket), and MC (um... 3:12!))...
  • went to the optometrist, ordered new glasses (in a new style, for me!) and contact lenses (which will be a totally new experience). He says that Lasik is for people who aren't moving targets... hopefully in a year or so I can go back and get a new exam and discover that my prescription isn't changing. The glasses he measured are a few years old, and my astigmatism (I have astigmatism? I didn't even know!) rotated a little... We kinda let the Lasik conversation drop on the floor at some point during the conversation about glasses and contacts, though, so maybe he'd be willing to consult more about it. I dunno.
Also, I think I'm not going to continue the 365-day photo thing. I'm too far behind, and have missed many of the intervening days. If I were to do it, I'd start fresh from a new starting point. But... I need to change my lifestyle some to accommodate something like that. On bad days my life involves very few steps in the outdoors; house to car, car to work, work to car, car to house. Those are extremes, but they do occur.


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Dec. 5th, 2006 08:40 pm (UTC)
about glasses and such: I also recently discovered that i have astigmatism - the optometrist said it wasn't new, that my old lenses adjusted for it, and that apparently it's common for the optometrists to not even tell people they have astigmatism.
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