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not a bad day...

Got a lot done at work. I get my bike... um... tomorrow morning, I guess, since I'm about to go off and do something that will take until after Ace Wheelworks closes. But I got a bunch done, and now need to worry about this 401(k) stuff. I wonder if the 6/1 cutoff is real, or if I should just mail the form instead of FedExing it. Enh, what's another six months in the current 401(k) gonna do anyway? It should be fine where it is for a little while longer.

My eyes are tired, and I'm gonna go see a movie. I wonder if this is a good idea. I should be better by the time I get there though, dinner is happening first.

Didn't see B at all today, hope she's all right. I've started to force myself to chill about such things though. Clearly she's aiming for something a little less codependent than I've been trying for and that can be fine, as long as I am expecting it. And now I am.

It's all good. Or words to that effect.

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