just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

it's what I call... a good weekend

Saturday morning - biked to Lexington Center with baronet, vorpalbunny, vorpalkitten, and chenoameg's friend Lisa. vorpalbunny had the brilliant idea to go to the chinese restaurant there (Yangtze River) and get their dim sum buffet. Which was sooo much better than the lunch buffet I usually get there with coworkers during the week! Some very authentic touches in there. Biking back wasn't too bad, though we stopped for a little too long at vorpalbunny's place for my legs to be particularly happy with the remaining mile home. I'm still a little cramped in the left calf.

In the meantime, in the morning before leaving, I started a project to clean my room... we got back home and after showering, I worked on that the rest of the day. And much of Sunday, as well. After Sunday's work... wow, what a difference! I have floor space again, and two huge bags of trash. And a lot of empty boxes and bins in the basement. It's almost neat enough to be presentable!

Except on Sunday I also took some time out to go and see surrealestate's open house... or was it warlord_mit's open house? Probably surrealestate - she seemed to have done a lot of the work to make the place really nice to see. All warlord_mit did was, y'know, put the place on the market. Two bedroom condo in a nice area of Somerville for a not-insane price... with a good upstairs neighbor. Could be tempting. In the meantime, I got to hang out with those two a bit afterwards and go get some stuff we've all been needing at Costco.

Getting that much done during the day means it's really not so bad that I spent three evenings playing WoW...

Friday was Lifelike Mechanical Weasels, Saturday was Repair Bills, Inc., and Sunday was... um... apparently that group was called "Fun Train". We went to three different places in the game, to varying degrees of success - Weasels went to MC and rolled the place (I ended up winning a very, very nice hammer for spellcasters, the Aurastone Hammer)...

RBI went to Blackwing Lair and did very well, leaving just a couple bosses for Monday Night's Raid on Part Two. It's tempting to punt my Monday night commitment temporarily to be able to join the second half of the raid... but not this week, not without giving them ample warning. I'd like to actually see the part of the raid where the group is still learning to fight the bosses. I joined the first half of RBI too late to get that experience with these folks... and I imagine there are only a few weeks left where they'll even need the second night.

Fun Train was one of those learning raids, but it's in the very early stages. We had about four tries on the first boss of AQ40, and had very little luck getting past it. Repeatedly pounding our way in to get to face this guy, who promptly hands our asses to us, isn't exactly heartening, but it was fun to be learning more and more about how the thing works.

I clearly can't keep up a schedule where I'm raiding three nights a weekend, at least not while trying to get some semblance of a social life going again, but it was fun to do it this weekend, and I can say without fear of exaggeration that it was my most productive weekend all summer, with the exercise and the cleanup and the friends during the day.

Oh yeah, and Weird Al's new video is unofficially out at YouTube. Tonight at midnight it becomes officially available at AOL Music so try to watch it there so Al gets some credit for being popular or something.

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