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Pirates mini-review

Curse of the Black Pearl : Dead Man's Chest :: The Matrix : The Matrix Revolutions

To the left of the single colon, we have a tightly scripted movie with a a few characters who get well-defined through their actions pursuing a plot based on a simple premise that can be explained in a relatively small bit of exposition. The story follows the classic arc of, y'know, beginning, middle, end. The characters are drawn in broad enough strokes, and the world is cartoony enough, that we just don't sweat the details.

To the right, we have a movie that attempts to introduce about (I think this isn't an exaggeration) 15 characters, and give each of them some screen time, pursuing a plot with twists and turns, introducing new pieces of lore and tradition that constantly need on-screen explanation.

Also, can you spot where Dead Man's Chest was very reminiscent of each of the following movies? (I hesitate to say "ripped off," since there are no new ideas left in the world...) Some of these are kind of a stretch, but somehow my brain made the connection anyway.

Time Bandits
Master and Commander (in no way whatsoever, unfortunately)
Return of the Jedi

Umm... I'm sure I thought of more while watching the movie, but they're just not coming to mind now. Oh well.
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