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bullet list

There was actually a story hidden in that bullet list. I'm not sure that's how lj is supposed to be written.

Also, I should expand on "ran a game" sometime. I seem to be figuring this GMing thing out... At least I hope I am. I knew the direction I wanted the last run to go in, wrote up some quick stats for some folks, thought of how to present the situation, and made them work their way out of it.

I probably could have made them squirm a little more, but ... I'm still not very good at being "tough." One more thing to work on... this is kind of a situation where role-playing can act a little like therapy ;-)

We shall see... we shall see...

I try to make a sympathetic "Good Guy" character who's at odds with the party, and what do they do? They reason with him! Bah. :)
Tags: bia, gaming

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