just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

eventful past week

  • car started sounding funny
  • ran a game
  • sold some stock
  • took the car to A&M
  • rode the bus home from work (kinda liked it) (action item 1: get combo pass for august)
  • call from A&M informed me that fixing the mechanical problems with my car would cost $4,000
  • (WoW) took Dagny to Molten Core, got third piece of Prophecy
  • performed additional research on cars, discovering that some good options include Toyota Camry (Hybrid available), Honda Accord (Hybrid discontinued), or Ford Five Hundred. Finally dismissed the idea of getting a smaller, cheaper car like the Scion xA
  • Went to the Toyota dealership, test drove a Camry Hybrid at noon, got hyp-mo-tized
  • Bought a car, left at 6pm (Reminder to future self: never buy a car in that state of mind again. It turned out well this time, but walk away unconditionally, and come back after at least a day's contemplation.)
  • Saw X3 again with surrealestate and plumtreeblossom. They wouldn't listen to my warnings. The sequel better redeem this thing. I suspect it could be possible.
  • Had a small brunch with the folks for my D&D game Sunday afternoon. Omelettes, waffles, and bacons were all enjoyed. Smaller crowd meant I was able to actually spend time with guests. Gotta do it again, on this scale.
  • Finally got some idea of which way is up in baronet's D&D campaign
  • (WoW) took Dagny to Ahn'Qiraj (20), got Ring of Infinite Wisdom, Gloves of Dark Wisdom. Afterwards, got sucked into a pick-up group going to Zul'gurub, winning Cloak of the Hakkari. Great loot night, and I'm under 1600 points from being revered by the Cenarion Circle. At that point, I get my Shroud of Infinite Wisdom.
  • Got mocked by coworkers for buying a car two days after saying "I'm going to be strong and just get the Passat repaired, so it'll last at least another couple of years." I don't think the math adds up for doing that, given what I found out the actual cost of the repairs was going to be... but my doubts will continue to nag.
  • Enjoyed driving the new car. A lot.
Tags: gaming, life, movies, stuff, wow

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