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sorry, sorry shape

I've gotten into a pathetically bad physical shape over the past year, down from merely "bad". I need some exercise, to get up to the point where I feel capable of biking to or from work on a nice day. I also seem to be allowing myself to snack way too much at work, as a stopgap to fight the emotional doldrums from technical frustrations at infrastructure problems.

So starting now, I'm on a diet. No candy bars, no chips, no sweets from the vending machines at work. Drink more water, less Diet Coke - the Diet Coke increases appetite, I suspect, or maybe it just leaves a taste in the mouth that needs covering. Eat breakfast before leaving home (once I have gone shopping to make that possible) - something filling like a couple bowls of cereal (in skim milk) or a bagel. Or, walk to Davis Square in the morning and get something from a coffeeshop there (a muffin is allowable if I get such physical activity into my day at the start.)
  • Any friends I can call on to drag me outside for exercise-like things - hiking in the White Mountains, walking in the Fells or the Blue Hills, biking up the Minuteman or to Cambridge... Please drag me away from weekends like the last, where I spent a lot of it in front of the computer, playing various video games online. I did assemble some shelves, but I didn't really experience the beautiful weather. And that's a shame.
It's freaking time to take some action and turn this body of mine around. Stop feeling heavy, and sluggish, and generally unhealthy.

How did I learn to stop eating when I was no longer hungry a few years ago? As it is, I seem to have reverted to "eat until full", which is a very different, and much more destructive thing. If I can remember that trick, it would go a long way towards health, I think.

I also want to initiate some outdoors activities. Canoe trips, walks in the fells, etc. I can do this thing, I know it. I've gotten the groove before. Heck, in Minnesota, I was going to the gym twice a week.

Tomorrow, gym bag goes with me to work. I'll see if I can start there, with the diet, and the gym at work.


May. 25th, 2006 07:17 am (UTC)
Good for you for deciding to do this!

Let me make the following suggestion. Don't underestimate the value of small amounts of exercize. Don't only go for long trips on weekends, but make a point of going for a 15 minute walk before lunch every day, or something like that. Take the stairs. Get up to change the channel. Add little bits of activity whereever you can, it will make a difference.

Thinking supportive thoughts at you!
May. 25th, 2006 07:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'll keep my eyes open for such chances. Today I let myself fall into the "time is too tight" trap to just drive to the mall for lunch and not take a walk... but it's not too late to take a little walking break.

If only there was some reasonable destination nearby... this area is a desolation of office parkness. The new strip mall may help, once it opens. (Never thought I'd say that sentence!)


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