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Wow, what a weekend. Full of stuff!

Friday night, arijw's dinner mob, followed by games at my place. Which worked really well since when I ran out of social energy, I could go into the other room and build the first of the three cheapo shelves I got delivered from Staples! Well, it turns out you shouldn't use a tiny screwdriver to build shelves; you'll hurt your wrist that way. I applied ice and took some ibuprofen, and it seems pretty much all better.

Saturday morning, baronet came over and we worked on resuscitating his poor old computer. Hard drive problems, doncha know. See earlier post; we spent all day transplanting it into an older PC of mine, getting a Knoppix CD downloaded and burned, and then copying files off the hard drive to his laptop. In the middle, while waiting the 50 minutes for Knoppix to download, there was a trip to the Galleria, which was nice; I like to look at stuff. I'm tempted to get a cheap piano keyboard with more realistic action than my current one (which seems to have some of the springs under the keys getting very loose these days...)

Waiting for baronet to copy files, I played around with Garageband on my laptop, looking a little at the lessons from the book I got from Amazon on Friday. I hope I'll have more time for this soon. Then I popped in one of chenoameg's West Wing DVDs, and got back into "must watch as much of this as possible, immediately" mode. Season 7 is a lot of fun, even if Josh is a bit of a doof.

After all that, over to tirianmal, elsinoreblue, yandros, lemurtanis, and Nopalzin's place for the housecooling party. Saw some old faces there I hadn't seen in a while, and got nicely tipsy for a bit of the time. Left my coat there, too (I'll be calling sometime, guys!).

Sunday morning, I was informed by my housemate Jeff that there was good news, and bad news. The bad news was that his Morris dance was called on account of rain. The good news was he was hosting a brunch at our place and had about 3 dozen people coming over to invade! And it was good. I made pancakes (the stone ground corn meal makes very different pancakes than the more grainy stuff I usually use. I will have to keep my eyes open for that in the future. Much much smoother pancakes) and served them to folks, and omelettes too. Met some fun folks, and then hid in my room for a bit, and then came back downstairs.

Then I headed to campus for Threadbare Productions' Julius Caesar. Lots of fun! Unrehearsed, reading from folios, and a much better play for a 33-year-old than for a 16-year-old. And yes, Sarah, the fight scenes were as fun to watch as they must have been to play in.

Then I zipped home for some World of Warcraft - signed up earlier in the week for a 6pm-10:30pm raid on Ahn'qiraj. Got my quest item and a Qiraji Martial Drape out of the deal, and valuable work experience. We got Ossirian down to 4% health on our best attempt; apparently this is a very impressive showing! Now that I have the Drape I'll have to start farming reputation with the Cenarion Circle so they will let me have my Shroud of Infinite Wisdom... But it's a long way off, currently.

Throughout the weekend I snuck in West Wing episodes here and there... I'm now down to one episode left until I need to go back to my source for more. I just finished Election Day, part 2 this morning. Good stuff, very well done, keeping the focus behind the scenes. Poignant. (A typo makes me think to myself: "poingnant" should be a word.)

All in all, a very, very full weekend. It would have taken serious effort to shoehorn anything more in.

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