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Theatre@First's You Can't Take It With You is a lot of silly fun. Great physical comedy bits, hilarious accents, well-timed double-takes, and surreal bizarre events combined with the main character's philosophy to give me laugh-out-loud moments, and a broad smile. The very first scene very successfully set the tone for the whole show. I could have sworn that was going to happen at the end... oh well!

And since I forgot to review them back when I went, I should mention that MTG's Chicago was spectacular, with very well-done music (especially balance with the orchestra, which is traditionally their big problem — I hear they have acquired a sound-dampening curtain of Doom... it works!) and, again, great comedy. My one complaint was that the ending was too happy. The movie could portray that insipid final song played to a dead audience; not really possible with a live audience, who wants to reward them for the rest of the show. Besides, they sang the song too well; it's supposed to be kinda talentless and rote, if I recall the movie correctly.

Enh, it's all good. Well played all around. Little bits of detail shone through in that way that says "this show is a whole, not just put together from pieces." The judge fell asleep, the jury rotated hats. The reporter's... special... nature was integral to a punchline that had a show-long buildup. All in all, some very good choices for this particular performance, in casting and otherwise. And costuming. Ah, costuming... :)

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