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Well, I just gave GenCon $149 for the convention this year. ($39 of that is likely to be refunded when I get there and get schedules finalized with folks.)

But here's my list of events, for anyone who's curious.

8am RPGA00124 CORS6-03 "Shadows of the Dread Spiral" - LG Special
1pm RPGA00064 Xen'drik Expeditions "Principal of the Matter" - Xen'drik Blackwheel Company Faction adventure 1

8am RPGA00007 D&D Open entry
1pm RPGA00116 XMH-4 "Martra's Black Matter" - Mark of Heroes Special
6pm RPGA00239 EMH-15 "Price of Protection" - Mark of Heroes (probably to be punted for group dinner)

8am RPGA00015 Xen'drik Expeditions "Well of Woe" - Xen'drik three-part introduction adventure (to be played after faction adventure 1)

8am RPGA00103 Xen'drik Expeditions "Price of Success" - Xen'drik Blackwheel Company Faction adventure 2 (to be played after "Well of Woe")

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