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Beautiful night to walk from Comm Ave to MIT and back in a big ol' loop. Beautiful night for a drive. Great night to see Chronicles of Narnia for the first time. I'd forgotten so much about the plot of that thing. Talking with friends afterwards I realized that, in fact, it has been 23 years since I read that book.

For those who are surprised to hear that I didn't end up at a concert tonight, well... they sold out just as we got to the door. I tried my patented "C'mon!!!!!" technique, but nothing swayed the door staff. So we walked. And walked, and walked. From the Paradise over the BU Bridge, down to 26-100, ... and after the movie, up the Harvard Bridge, up Beacon St., to my car parked in front of Guitar City.

For a scary moment I thought I'd been towed, just because of sight lines from across the street and stuff... That would have sucked. Instead I got to give people rides home... relaxing drive!

Now my feet are a little raw from having walked that far in shoes that were distinctly not made for walking. Need to get some decent "casual" shoes, now that Marathon Sports has come through for running shoes.

What a day!

Tomorrow, work from home, and if I make enough progress on work before it's time to head out, off to gospog's birthday thing! Maybe make time for BSG, maybe make time to gratuitously hit Harvard Square.

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