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awake even earlier than necessary

Philadelphia is going well. The first day was the tough day for me, but I did really well. I stood in front of 25 people and presented a document that I had written, primarily, and we hashed through it, raising questions about how well this would stand as a standard, and what needed to change. It turns out that if you turn on "track revisions" mode in MS Word, you get to write all over your own document in virtual red ink!

Anyway, two and a half hours in the morning, and another two chunks of time in the afternoon, and my main work was done. I also ended up taking minutes for the afternoon session, after our morning minute-taker had to go to another meeting elsewhere. In general, it was a great showing.

The first night I was here I correctly identified that the hotel room was too warm to sleep, so I opened the window, turned off the heat for a bit, and generally made the place maybe a little too cold. Last night I decided I'd rather be too warm than too cold, so I left the heater on and didn't do the other thing with the window...

Mistake. Too warm, hard to sleep, and I woke up a couple times with dreams... and now I'm awake about an hour earlier than really necessary, feeling tired but unable to sleep...

Oh, and last night we went down to Philadelphia, using my coworker's GPS and Palmtop navigation software to find Pat's King of Steaks first, and then the Reading Terminal Station. Pat's was amazing, and while I did have cheese fries, I did manage to maintain my New Year's Resolution of not ordering fries. This is the situation that resolution is tailored for!

Unfortunately, Reading Terminal Station has hours on the door; they close at 6pm. So no pretzel for me, at least not last night.

Oh, and the reason the Palm navigation software was relevant - I think it took us down a bunch of side streets we wouldn't have otherwise seen. Philly is a pretty amazing place; there wasn't really any single categorization of the people we saw walking around... and there were a lot of people walking around.

All in all, a good first day. I hope insomnia doesn't kill the second...

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