just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

funny, that.

If you spend a week laying way off of caffeine, limiting your dosage each day, and then drink a 32-oz. Diet Coke at a movie Friday night, you just might find that you have trouble falling asleep.

Tuesday: a couple cups of vanilla chai at work
Wednesday: 12 oz. Diet Coke, some vanilla chai
Thursday: 20 oz. Diet Coke, some vanilla chai
Friday: 24 oz. Diet Coke, some vanilla chai

I wish I didn't actually find myself craving the flavor of Diet Coke every so often. It's weird to be in that "mmm... eww..." mindset where I've made myself recognize the metallic flavor, but part of me doesn't care.

In other news, my New Years Resolution to order no French Fries is still intact.

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