just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines


Wow, but that was good. To Christophers in Porter Square, then over to the Hub (on Hubbard Ave, of course!) to hang out a bit and just chill... then a slog back home via Shaws. Brisk! And somehow nostalgic... Not a drop of slush to be seen, either. Very nice indeed.

(Edit: and they had concrete advice for how to break the logjam on the writing project! Whee!)

Shaws proved worthless for one of my two objectives there: Milk. They were out of Organic 1%. Haven't they figured out the amount to order yet? Though, if a person buying organic will automatically failover to the Garelick or Hood, then they may lose a little bit of money... if they fail to sell out all of their organic milk before expiration, they may lose a different amount of money. If that second amount is, on average, more than the first, I guess it could be rational, in their business plan, to eit the customers every once in a while.


But really, I don't actually feel too angry about that... well, at least not until I started looking for things to be angry at. So I will fail to be angry.
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