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So the new office is in Burlington, and Thursday, baronet, 76trombones and I tried to bike there... it's something like a 12- or 14-mile trip up the Minuteman trail until you get off and make your way over surface streets to the office. I made it about 5 miles before I decided my legs had turned to rubber bands, and I had to get a ride from the Arlington Heights Trader Joe's. (Thanks, chenoameg!) The other two went on and completed the trip.

So I've decided I need to get in shape to be able to make the trip. There may or may not be time to try it again, but today after I visit a yard sale and get my car inspected (Whoa, does that sticker really say "9"??? Oops...) I'm going to come back home, get on my bike, and give the ride a try. I may go to Ace Wheelworks and ask them what I can do about my posture... maybe they can raise the handlebars for me or something.

This is a Saturday with a to-do list!

Edit: ...is that rain? Dammit.

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