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Gaming roundup

Gaming has been good.

Played a good bunch of D&D at GenCon, with almost no advance planning.  Spree is one or two adventures away from level 6, in Living Greyhawk, and I got some good Eberron gaming in too, with Dar.  One of the Eberron games was really fun, and the other we just got to endure... among other problems, the GM we got was reading the module as we went along.  Some weird retconning was necessary, and it seemed like the module itself was pretty bad on top of everything else...

Playing at the D&D Open we had a group of four (phantom_cheesy, spccadet, and John, a friend of a friend) and were joined by two randoms who worked out reasonably well.  But we didn't advance...  Didn't really know how to deal with the ogre (was it an ogre?) with reach, grapple, and rend.  Next year we'll try to be a little more ready, tactically.  I know we can do this stuff.

Then, in the week following GenCon, I was scheduled to be in 4 separate games, one of which I was running...  Luckily one got cancelled.  My game ran Thursday, where the party defeated the group that they were supposed to be scared off by.  That was a close fight...  Friday night I played Spree again, and one of the tactics I used there ended up spawning a message to the d20-wanking mailing list.

So, I recently learned that a ready action can include a five-foot step if you don't move otherwise during your turn.  Last night I used this to great effect while fighting some glaive-wielding baddies.  Spree was ten feet away from the baddie on my turn, and readied an action - "If he attacks someone, I will five-foot-step inside his swing range, and stab him."

As it was, he attacked my compatriot who stood beside me, and I was actually able to interpose myself in the square between them, giving my friend a nice cover bonus.

Was this the right ruling?  Should he have been able to change his whole action in response to my readied action?  Or maybe he should have gotten his swipe in before I provided the cover bonus...  though if I killed him, I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten his attack, so the consequences should all be there...

What if his target were me?  Would his attack have "fizzled"?  Can you five-foot-step away from an attacker wielding a more normal weapon to get this same effect?

Sunday was baronet's run, wherein I was a counterspelling fool.  I was playing Bintner, an enchanter, and we had a guy that the bad guys wanted to kidnap.  Their failure came down to one die roll, in the end - I was down to using the wand of dispel magic (since I forgot I had a scroll... oops!) for counterspells, and the enemy spellcaster had gotten a hold of the football (as we called him during the run. :)...  I rolled my counterspell level check, with the wand's crappy +5 caster level, and rolled a 17, totalling 22.  Denied! 

Next round, the spellcaster was struggling to survive, instead of safely away with his quarry.  I counterspelled like 4 or 5 different enemy spells, and mesmerized their psion and two rogues going after the football in two separate spells (Rainbow Pattern, and Hypnotic Pattern).  When I first saw the undead attacking the temple, I thought I was in big trouble, since none of my spells would be useful against them.  How wrong I was :)

Interleaved in all this tabletop, I've also been getting in some good World of Warcraft.  Dagny's now got a decent healing mace, and is primed to kill the Emperor for full quest credit.  Also, now that Dagny has the transmute from Essence of Water to Essence of Air, she is, in theory, making good money converting between the two.  Maybe as much as 10g a day, depending on how AH timing works.  I think it'll provide the best profit if I buy during the week and sell on the weekend; soon I'll know more.

In addition, Tagor's been doing some quests I've never done before, down at the low level (21).  Elflandy goodness for a little gnome!

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