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I'm kind of bummed I didn't get to make it to OGC this weekend. Instead I slept a few hours on Saturday afternoon and generally recovered from my Falcon Ridge cold. I'll get to play most of the games again sometime, but the interactive event is forever lost to the stream of time. Oh well! It was worth it for that nap, dammit.

For the first time since I moved back to Boston over a year ago, I've bought a T pass. I've decided "I enjoy driving" isn't enough of an excuse to gratuitously drive to work day in and day out. I walked to Alewife after work yesterday, planning to go to Harvard Square to buy a T pass... asked the guy at the booth how late they sell them at H^2, and he pointed behind me, at the other booth. Turns out they sell T passes at Alewife, too! (Duh! Should have guessed...) So now it'll be easy for me to get the new one each month, as well!

I really, really should have known that was an option.

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