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storm and WoW

Wow... what a thunderstorm. That even outclassed the storm at Falcon Ridge - though the Falcon Ridge one had the convenient property of clearing out afterwards, in such a way that the concerts could go on. And the convenient timing that meant I could stand out in it and get soaked through to the bone. Still, it was beautiful.

And it was really great to be playing WoW in that, with some good dramatic music playing on iTunes, fighting Dr. Theolen Krastinov the Butcher, with the lightning going on... Remember the story of a few days ago (a week or two, maybe even?) It took us six or seven tries to kill the good doctor, this time, and I even died in the final attempt, since we didn't really have a full tank to keep the guy's aggro solidly through the fight. But we were able to get him to stick to Barbbi the paladin and Brillig's pet long enough to get him significantly down before he started wildly swinging around the room at people, and I finally got to avenge poor Eva and Lucien Sarkhoff.

Soon I'll have access to the Scholomance recipes! Major Mana Potion, here I come...

And what a night it was in the game! So many good drops, and I rolled so well! Alanna's Embrace dropped off of Ras Frostwhisper, and I rolled 100 to win it! In addition, Recipe: Flask of Supreme Power dropped from the same guy, and went to me, as the only alchemist in the group (sorry, Lyonya!).

Dagny also picked up two pieces of the same set tonight, the Necropile Cuffs and the Necropile Leggings. I don't see them ever being worth wearing, given what it would be replacing, and what the rest of the set looks like, but it's kinda neat to collect these things anyway. Maybe it'll look good as a set. There were also some pants with + to healing spells that I ended up with.

Dagny really cleaned up. I'll post a screenshot of how she looks in the Alanna's Embrace as soon as I can. It's really quite the robe.

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