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BSG Season 2 Pilot

[need to pick a BSG buddy icon to make... Apollo? Gaius? Yeah, maybe Gaius...]

I quite liked it. Did anyone else think that it was an homage to the original series when, when Apollo saw the Cylon ship hit the landing bay, he reported that there was "no fire"? Thinking specifically of the old "Burn, Galactica, burn!" scene where a huge fire was blazing through the ship while... I think?... Adama was in surgery.

A friend was pointing out that she thought Gaeta was getting ready to join the mutiny against Galactica, and was looking kinda shifty during the scenes before the gunshots... and I pointed out that that could be the reason he failed to transmit the needed data to the rest of the fleet. That would add to his feelings of guilt about that particular failure - if he was distracted because he was considering mutiny...

I really enjoyed the Adama/Tigh flashbacks - it shows where Tigh's loyalty truly comes from. Adama's word is law, and he doesn't think twice about being the instrument of a military coup.

I do wonder about the amount of control the Cylons, or their god, seem to have over probability. It started with the question, "why did the Cylons allow their basestar to be destroyed?" - answer, "so the humans can get back to Kobol and recover Baltar, who has now received the necessary visions."

"Then why did they have a basestar there in the first place?" "To make sure the raptor with Baltar on board crashes, giving him the necessary concussions to have the right vision of the opera house. Oh, and to get Sharon on board to finally receive her instructions."

"Seems pretty risky to have Baltar's ship crash on the surface just to get him into the right mental state. What if the pilot isn't as good as they think? Any number of things can go wrong there." "Well......."

Anyone feel like we're going to find out all the crew are brains in a jar somewhere at the end of the series? Everyone would scream bloody murder at this, but... there are just so many places where it's the only explanation that doesn't go into "Well, their god can do anything, because he's a true god."

(Has anyone else thought of him as Gaius first, and then when you go to fill in the last name, say 'Threepwood'? Didn't think so. It just happened to me as I was writing that sentence where he gets concussions. Makes me want to make an 8-bit lo-res version of him and call him Gaius Threepwood. What kind of insults would he use for swordfighting?)

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