just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
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the fictional character meme

(Think I'll even keep abilouise's disclaimer :)

Pick 10 fictional characters you'd have sex with and then tag 5 friends.

I did this in no particular order, and it's very incomplete and off-the-cuff. I was mostly trying for assortment, but I refuse to stand by these choices in a week.

1. Dr. Kelly, from The Peacemaker. Decisive, smart, action heroine who gets to be played by Nicole Kidman!

2. Elastigirl. Assuming Mr. Incredible was somehow out of the picture... either I'd have to go back in time, or come up with some insane super-villain plan to eliminate him Once and For ALL!!!! Bwahaha!

3. Ellie Arroway, from Contact. Movie or book, either way.

4. Eowyn

5. Arya Stark, in about six years. Though since the first book was published 8 years ago, so she should be of age now, right? Hey, if Abi can say Hermione...

6. Drew Barrymore's character in Ever After. Er, she had some french name or something, right?

7. The form demands that I mention Ella Enchanted at this point in the list, combining the Cinderella nature of 6 with the jailbait nature of 5, but I don't think she actually makes my list, largely because it's ... hey, look, Anne Hathaway was 22 at the time this movie was made. Who knew? Nevermind, on the list she goes.

8. Rebecca Pidgeon's character in The Spanish Prisoner. Who cares if she'd likely shoot me afterwards?

9. Ezri Dax, from Deep Space Nine. In one season she had character development that put Jadzia's one-trick pony (oh look, another character from Dax's past... with a deep secret that they share!) to shame. The smart girl in over her head triggers something in me. Also, she's cute as a button.

10. Natalie, from Sports Night. Also cute as a button, with that biting wit that says "be careful or I'll kick your ass with my cleverness."

11. Since I mostly included #6 just for the list to flow well, I'll now say, replace 6 with Thursday Next, from The Eyre Affair and the other Thursday Next books. I can't just remove 6 because then I have to rewrite 7, and y'know, too much work.

I wonder what it says about me that I looked up a bunch of these by starting with a favorite actress and hitting IMDb... The characters are a big part of why they're favorite actresses, though, so it's not like I'm that hung up on appearances. Right?

I think I'll decline to tag five friends, instead just saying, hey, if you want to do this meme, go for it. Though, tirianmal, this seems up your alley, somehow :-)


12. Ok, replace Ella with this one, the joke's just not funny enough to keep her in the list. How could I forget Agent L from Men in Black?]

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