just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

what a weekend!

Surprisingly easy drives to and from DC, even when I got a little lost on the way out (forgot the Garden State Parkway, and stayed on 295 for too long). Got back in 8 hours of road time (plus stops made it more like 9 hours, 15 minutes)...

It was the first wedding I went to this year that didn't involve yelling "Mazel tov!" at any point... A military chaplain, an honor guard, complete with military arch (raised sabers)... the wedding was on board a small cruise ship... the reception involved a ride up the Potomac and back. Really good food, and while I only knew two people there going into the weekend, I came away having met some neat folks.

After that, low-key hanging out, seeing Batman Begins and getting dinner...

The next day, Scott and I went off to see the new annex to the Air & Space Museum, the Udvar-Hazy Center. It was really great seeing a Blackbird, the Space Shuttle, and the Concorde all in the same room. And the view of Dulles from the observation deck was amazing! It makes me want to go back to the Air Force Museum in Dayton sometime, and get to the new extra hangars there.

After that, dinner at one of the new in-laws' houses. Some great lasagna and salad and stuff, played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (which had two kinds of questions - the painfully easy and the painfully hard)... Sitting out on the deck with the older generation and the younger one, all just shooting the breeze and hearing stories.


The next day was the fourth, which involved sleeping in a little, going to the Spy Museum, then wandering the mall (including being told by a cop that the WW II Memorial was closed for the day, since they were firing the fireworks from there... I still don't know if he was just annoyed at stupid tourists asking questions, or just confused himself.) Saw WW II, Lincoln, and the Korean War Memorials... Lincoln is as inspirational as ever.

Then, we went to the FDR Memorial... new, very nice, and... well, it's Mecca. FDR brought about so much of what we're fighting for, the ideals of equality and fairness that really just made sense at the time, and continue to make sense. I need to put more thought into what I saw that day.

We ended up camping out on a spot of lawn near there and got a good view of the fireworks from there, and it was mostly empty right near us, until right before the fireworks. People were gathering all along, but for some reason they were avoiding our area, I think because it was kind of fenced off, but not really. The fireworks were really good, though I think in the end they were comparable to Boston's. It was nice to be able to watch in such comfort, though, not crowded at all... The Esplanade would have packed us in like sardines.

All in all, the weekend couldn't have gone better, I don't think. Everything just clicked. Never really had something go quite like that before; schedules synced, I arrived at either end an hour in advance of when I needed to be, and the time was both relaxing and productive. Perfect.

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