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An evening to myself mostly feels wasted. No wonder I keep trying to fill all my time up as completely as possible.

I need to learn to enjoy these times. I caught another couple episodes of Clone Wars, a good South Park episode about Mormons (though I think the punchline ultimately got cut off in the middle...), and saw Sunday's Family Guy twice - once normally, and once in Memento style, for danamae's benefit.

The downtime was definitely good for my brain... I've been so burned out all day long, and now I feel... well... still kind of burned out, but differently.

Anyone want to go to the Mendon Twin to catch Batman Begins at 8:35 sometime this week? Maybe Tuesday? I've got plans Thursday for Serenity in Providence, but other than that my schedule is looking pretty open. Call me.

Also, I'm thinking I want to find people to hang out at Diesel at on evenings like this, since I'm now pretty much out of TV to watch. Tap me for that, too. Help me out here.

Idea 3 - dinner at Burren.

Idea 4 - I could cook dinner at my place. I need to dig up the goulash recipe I used all those years ago, now that I have some good Penzey's paprika at my disposal... hmm.

No wonder I keep talking about work when people ask me how I'm doing.

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