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thoughts this weekend

Moxie Crimefighter Gillette?!?

Making feature freeze, and *liking* the code, is very much exactly like contentment. Leaving work by 6pm on Friday knowing that you don't have to come in over the weekend after all, is happiness.

What a surprise, Army recruitment numbers are way down.

Running a mystery D&D module is hard. Running it in a different universe it was written for is murder. (and the wife is Sueloise, no, blonde, no Karrnathi. Wait. What?)

Volunteering for Pat Jehlen should be interesting; I'm a lot more psyched for this campaign than for Avi Green (there was always that niggling doubt that I should be sticking my nose in over there... felt a little like a carpetbagger.) I'll be there Tuesday night at HQ.

Rumblings of a return of that sci-fi tabletop game I played a few years back... that could be very fun. I have... ideas.

Who wants to go to Revere Beach and hang out near Kelly's the next time there's a day like this that's unbooked?

Thanks to fyfer for recommending The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay to me. It's totally time for me to end this reading dry spell.

I keep on eyeing the Dell Axim X50V and the PalmOne LifeDrive out of the corner of my eye. It feels like one of those wouldn't be a waste of my money, and could actually make a difference in my life. But it always feels that way when I'm looking at a new piece of tech.

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