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insomnia (what else at 6am?)

I think the insomnia is burning me out worse than the long hours at work are... Productive hours at work are fun, when it comes down to it, and these count. Seventy hours in the past week is a worthwhile trade for leaving work yesterday with a solid build waiting to be QA'ed this morning... Well, the real benefit to me is the ego boost, the reminder of what I'm capable of once all the months of design and ramping up and generally pushing for this to happen... has happened.

But there's no reason for me to be awake at 5:45 today... not even feeling awake enough to play World of Warcraft. Just barely awake enough to post to LJ whining about sleep.

I've got a game coming up tonight, and a game Thursday... and I got permission to duck out of work Thursday for Star Wars. Maybe now that the drop is in, the productive streak gets to subside for a bit. That would be nice, too. Except this is just a checkpoint on a journey towards a complete product.

We'll see.

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