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Serenity screening pic!

Ooh! I snuck a picture of the screen in the theater!

It was a fun time. The fandom was out in force. Sean and Morena showed up and signed stuff. I didn't feel like sticking around long enough to get something signed. The line was loooong.

Looking back on it it might be nice to have more than a keychain and ticket stub to remember the experience by, but I was starting to get a headache...

My friend Avi was there and got us better spots in line. We got great seats, front and just off-center, at the back of the front section. Avi started the group singing the Jayne song, and the camera crew (there was a camera crew!) caught him on tape. I'm sure he'll be on the DVD, and maybe I'll be in the background as the guy a few people down from him :)
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