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Tian Xia

I miss that feeling I had when it felt like so few of us got Firefly.  It seemed like us against the world, and I had my own little piece of wonder.  Looking at LJ today and seeing the outpouring of enthusiasm, I feel like I've lost something mine, and now have to share it.

Now, keep in mind, this is totally irrational, and I should be grateful that Serenity is getting such a great response here.  If it can get 1/5 the response in the rest of the world, we should be seeing a nice series of movies coming down the pike, that expand on the world...  maybe a franchise.  Firefly: Deep Space Nine would get me to fly to Hollywood and volunteer to buy their coffee and act as a subservient toady. ;-)

So, anyway, starting next week, I'll spend 30-60 minutes a day writing my own bit of Firefly fanfic, Tian Xia.  It started out as a concept for my sci fi game, but I think it may work better in a more narrative form.  This is going to be my corner of the Firefly universe, where there are still honorable members of the Alliance, and while their attitudes may not always sync up with those of their superiors, being right does occasionally prove to be a viable defense.

Do I have time for this?  No.  But if I cut back on the Warcraft, I think I can make it happen easily.  Assuming I can overcome the urge to sit and stare at a blank text buffer, rewording the first few words of the first sentence until they are "just right."

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