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just one more...

this one, on Webcomics.

I do like the way Something Positive has been going lately; this plot reminds me of the way I feel like I would react to being out on a date.  Not Davan's reaction, the girl's.  And you gotta like the "Gauntlet Theft Auto" video game that sits not-so-subtly in the background of the strip.

The other comic that's really been grabbing me recently is Schlock Mercenary.  Great science fiction, fun characters, and their mercenary attitude about things is often surprisingly tinged with a touch of compassion.  Start from the beginning, and read through the five years worth of strips.  The art gets better and better, and the jokes go from episodic to arc-like pretty quickly.  I really wish I could produce something with this kind of creativity associated with it.

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