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silencing the minority

Just one more instance of evil on the part of our government.  Using the list of who donated to Kerry's campaign to exclude certain delegates from the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission meeting...  so fucking blatant.  Is this what McCain-Feingold has wrought?  Even if the Dems take back the government, is this particular abuse of power irreversible?  The men in power now are acting as if they will have power no matter what they do; they know that they control the voting machines, and that they have a lock on a large portion of this country. 

Their push to silence the minority (this is but a small piece of it, compared to the effort to eliminate the filibuster) belies a belief that they will be in power forever.  They believe their lock is complete, and it's hard to see how we can break it.  They control the voting machines in the middle ground, they have maneuvered the unreasoning half of the country to simply vote for them blindly, and they control the media to the extent that this story will only ever be heard of in Time's "Notebook" section.

I wonder what the numbers are on oustanding federal judge positions since 1992.  I would say that since 1994 the ability of the government to fill those positions has been severely limited, just as a gut feeling; I'd like to know what the numbers actually look like.

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