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so much to say

Seder - went to my first ever Passover Seder last night, and it was wonderful.  So much food, and the company of chaiya, hakamadare, and some other folks whose LJ names I don't know (or have only guesses at :).  Thanks to a few months staying with abce and gmpe last year, I was able to follow along pretty well, if only because certain Hebrew phrases now sound to my ears like language, rather than meaningless sounds.  Good conversation and good dinner.  Thanks, chaiya!

D&D - I finished off my insane week of too many games all happening at once, and feel stronger for having come through it.  Saturday was really good.  The two games I ran for almost complete strangers at Your Move Games were fun and reasonably well pulled off, I think.  I felt like their failure to figure out a mystery was my failure to provide the clues in my role-playing, but...  I also left some very open-ended "are there any other questions you would like to ask?" moments sprinkled here and there, and nothing came out.  So I guess that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.

Various bits of news:

Taking gene stuffing to a new level...  at some level it seems such a bad idea, forcibly sharing our genes' benefits down to other species and giving up one little piece of our advantage over the rest of the planet.  I don't know.  It's all in the name of tossing more herbicides on our food, too.

RMS has commented on the Linux Bitkeeper "debacle" - and it is a debacle.  The current situation is exactly what people like to say can happen when one accepts "free as in beer" help.  RMS is a fanatic, but he is also right.  And he is right to thank Larry McVoy for demonstrating so precisely what he warns against. 

Political rant forthcoming in separate post

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