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missed it

She zephyr'ed me while I was away at dinner. Knew I was taking too long at CBC. But it was a birthday party for a friend, and it was fun, so really, I didn't take that long. And I was lucky to have stumbled upon it.

I wonder if he hates me these days. I did help ruin one of his games with my meek playing style. It was the best game I ever played in, and I played this piece of crap... I thought I was playing it well, but I was just keeping my head down, taking the safe route, and not being Heroic at all. He tried to explain it without saying it outright, tried to talk around it, and I didn't even realize I was part of the problem. Oh well. It was months ago. I think I'm better now, I learned a lesson the day that run died.

Anyway, I think I am calling this a Day(TM). I actually got significant work done, and I still feel way behind schedule. This bodes poorly. Suck. Time to go home.

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