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weekend at ConnCon

So in the D&D world, I went to ConnCon this weekend.  It was great fun!

Spree went on tour with a theatre troupe, saved Bissel's army from undead legions, discovered the location of the Necromancer's army, retrieved an artifact and handed it over to the powers that be, and was killed by a vile priest with two spells.

Spree advanced to be a 5th-level Rogue, died, and then advanced to 5th again in the last slot of the con.  This gave me some time to think about how to advance his level, for once.  I'm looking around at these other books, like Complete Warrior, and a few ideas come to mind for how to be a little more interesting a character...

...Spree could get religion.  This is the second time he's died, he's already worshipping Kelanen (he joined their ranks in an early mod where he met a gang of worshippers who offered him the chance to convert...  converting got him a cool little spiffy) (Kelanen is a minor god of Swords and Balance in Greyhawk)... worshipping more than just in passing, anyway.

I could take a level of Favored Soul and get a few sorcerer-style divine spells.  No more worrying about whether the healer can get to me in time or whatever...  except healing myself in the midst of combat is pretty dangerous, and is a round I'm not dealing out damage.  Also, I'd have 2+2 skill points to spend, which would probably all have to go into Concentration for Spree  to be effective.

Spree could take a level of Fighter, getting some feat (hmm, what could be good for him?) and starting down the road of increasing base attack bonus.  Then, at level 8, his Base Attack Bonus will be +7, qualifying him for Divine Crusader.  Again, this would be annoying for skill point reasons.

Then I picked up a friend's copy of Complete Warrior and saw Swashbuckler.  Swashbuckler is a light-weapon fighter; the first-level class feature is Weapon Finesse (use Dexterity for attack rolls instead of Strength.  A +5 chance to hit for Spree.)  Bluff and Tumble (two of my main skills) are class skills, and the class gets 4+int skill points per level, so I can keep Search and Disable Device maxed out as well.  On top of that, it's a fighter's Base Attack Bonus chart, so again at level 8 I'll qualify for Divine Crusader, if I decide it's for me (it may very well not be, but I have a very long time to figure that out.)

This class synergizes amazingly well with this character.  I don't know how I survived four levels as a melee fighter without Weapon Finesse.  Oh, that's right, I didn't.  Improved Feint is nice, and lets me do impressive things sometime, but...  sometime I should run the numbers for expected damage and see whether it was worth it.  I guess it did feel worth it.

Anyway, lemurtanis, don't feel bad for having killed me at the table this weekend.  The dice fell where they did, and it sure beats the time Spree was killed by a DM who just enjoyed killing players occasionally...  But more importantly, the death lets me reshuffle things quite a bit, and in the long run I'm pretty sure Spree will be happy I didn't make him take a fifth level of Rogue again.

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