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the next few days

Today - a bunch of meetings, culminating in my own code design review. Should be exciting; I get to see how other people do these things for quite a bit before we get to mine, so I should feel pretty comfortable by the time it's my turn. Also, I get a break in the middle of the day, not to go to lunch, but to go interview someone. I think the design I have is pretty good, and I think the document I wrote about it is actually a good one... I've felt this before, about something that needed, at the very least, some conversion from big-word-funky-construction sentences ("Foo are barred by quux", instead of "quux bars foo" is the least of my transgressions in that last document) but I think I've gone over this one a couple times after finishing writing it, and made sure it's... not so bad. :)

Tomorrow morning, it's off to ConnCon in... well, Connecticut. Three days of D&D, maybe I can actually get Spree up to 5th level this time. Should be interesting to see what kinds of things the Bissel triad (duad?) have brewing this time around. In the early days of playing LG (or maybe just back when it was lame?) I never got much impression of overarching plot... Maybe I was just too low-level, or playing too many core mods, and not enough regionals. Anyway, at this point in time, we're looking at some pretty good epic plots going on, even for us mere 4th-levellers.

Should be fun. And maybe I'll get to play some Eberron too. Eep, I better make that character tonight. Dar will be a level 2 rogue/artificer (I got enough XP "taking one for the team" at Winter Fantasy that I get to make him second level already...) We'll see how the artificer thing plays out.

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