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a few quickies

I'm among the "weird dream" crowd though I seem to have been a day early; Sunday night I dreamed I was a physics grad student, and in the class where all the new physics grad students had congregated, the prof asked everyone to say why they were one, and I couldn't come up with an answer.

I'm quite happy with my new computer; it's lighter than the old one, and about a zillion times faster.  It was mildly annoying to have to buy new screwdrivers to install the RAM, but it all turned out ok. 

In WoW, Dagny just hit 275 alchemy, which means she can now transmute thorium and arcane crystals into arcanite.  This, apparently, is the holy grail of alchemy, and it will activate the rest of the guild's ability to make Cool Stuff.  There's a good story of how my hunting went the day I hit 275, maybe I'll tell it here sometime.  Behind a WoW filter. 

Looking at house buying sometime this year.  Met with an incredible buyer's agent yesterday afternoon, filling me with hope and draining my fear of total cluelessness away.  Now to figure out if this is the year I want to go ahead with that.

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