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today in computers

Last night, I went off to NH and finally took the plunge.  I bought a 12" Powerbook at the Apple Store there.  I was waffling when I got there, and found out that my chosen Powerbook configuration was not in stock...  but that they did have the previous generation, which is like this generation, but with a smaller hard drive (only 60G) and slower processor (1.33GHz instead of 1.5).  For $200 cheaper.  This still had me waffling, until they pointed out they also had the demo model of the previous generation.  For an additional $200 discount.

So I bought, what else could I do?

It turns out that 256M is woefully inadequate for a Macintosh computer.  But I knew that already, and have plans to upgrade to 1.25G already underway.

Naming the thing is going to be interesting.  I usually use sci fi starship names, avoiding extremely mainstream ones like Enterprise and Galactica...  I've had Roanoke (one of the EA destroyers from B5), Serenity, Heart-of-Gold, Bistromath, Morningstar and Synchronicity (two ships I captained in various role-playing games)...  I'm thinking of naming it after the ship that is the centerpiece of the sci-fi tabletop game I'm thinking of running.

But that would be a spoiler.


Feb. 18th, 2005 05:00 pm (UTC)
The pre-fall ship names had a definite Iain Banks ring to them, I remember that much from Andromeda.

I think I stopped watching halfway through the second season. Eureka Maru is a very good possibility, though; it occupies the right niche in the mythology for me to like it, I did like the show for quite some time...
Feb. 18th, 2005 05:06 pm (UTC)
When it aspired to a Vision, it was really a pretty good (if campy) space opera variant with a lot of interesting internal party dynamics. Sadly, what with firing the main writer and putting Kevin Sorbo in charge, it degenerated to romping through space hitting bad guys in the nose.


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