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just a guy made of dots and lines

Minnesota so far

I've been enjoying myself here.

It started with one of the bumpier flights I've had in a while, or maybe it was just that I weakened myself by staring at the crossword puzzle in the inflight magazine for a while before taking off from Minneapolis... But I really felt the motion of the plane for that 15-minute flight from Minneapolis to Rochester. First time in a while I've had trouble flying... I guess the worst part of flying for me really is sitting on the ground waiting to take off. 45 minutes taxiing.

Anyway, got off the plane and saw my parents. Finally got to spring the surprise on them, and they saw the beard. It was worth a few words of amusement. :) I guess I'll finally learn how to keep it trimmed now without having to pay the barber to do it at each visit.

After a little recuperation at their house, it was time to go off to karaoke. Man, was it dead there. Our group was pretty much it, except for the old drunk guy who sang off-key, but did it so proudly you couldn't help but enjoy it a little. I got to see acoretex and his lovely wife (separately, since they had to tag team watching their kids), and the usual karaoke crowd of course (nordicgrrl, svenden, joyrock, appleboy, and the rest). Had a great time, drank a little bad beer, and sang some good songs. I even got to use my new Barenaked Ladies CD-G to sing "Enid" for people.

Got home around 2, and slept in the next morning. Hung out at my parents' place through the day, getting out to go to Sam's Club (yes, it's a Walmart kind of Christmas... :-/) Got in touch with Shannon, one of the friends I left behind when moving back to Boston. Got to go to an office holiday party with her in the evening, followed by getting back to karaoke, for the group's big Friday shindig. Guess there were a few reasons to get together twice last week, including my visit :) Shannon, her friend, and her friend's date all seemed to have a lot of fun! (and it sounds like we're all going back out for more karaoke tomorrow night, even; there's a new place in town the gang wants to try out)

Saturday morning, hanging out with the parents, then lunch at Bon's Buffet - mongolian barbecue is one food that I really miss out east. (The other food, Godfather's Pizza, will be tomorrow's (today's?) dinner.) Then I borrowed their car to head to the cities and hang out with Scott and Christi.

Been here in Minneapolis since, mostly staying in, occasionally getting out (one trip to the Mall of America, and one to all-you-can-eat sushi and to see Ben and Natalie). We caught up on internet videos (I got to see the trailer for Grayson - I'm starting get some ideas... movie trailers are much easier to make impressive than whole movies!)... and talked about all kinds of stuff. Got to hang out with Christi and their daughter Lauren during the day today, and see what it's kinda about.

It's a good vacation. Scott likes to watch World of Warcraft. And I got to retrieve coraline's towel.

Now I've got a touch of 4am insomnia... hope this doesn't mess up tonight's karaoke plans. This afternoon, lunch with jencallisto and then back to Rochester for the remainder of the vacation.

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