just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

tikva tikva tikva tikva tikva tikva tikva tikva (mushroom mushroom)

Holy cow, but tikva is brave and cool, for taking on the "ego boost meme"...  She's promoting like 30 people on her lj even as we speak, and wow are there a lot of cool people in her life :)

Seems to me it's time someone returned the favor, unasked.  A truly warm heart, tikva approaches life with an infectious enthusiasm that makes everything fun.  When we were dating, she was always very good to me, and she taught me a lot.  Cute and cuddly, smart, helpful, and so very, very social, she connects with every living thing in arm's length and damn if anyone in range doesn't end up liking her.  She's gone ahead and made activism her life, working in the government to make things better for disabled people everywhere; she's braving Ashcroft's (and now Gonzales') Department of Justice for something she believes in, and I admire that.

Wow.  After writing that, I'm even more impressed at the amount of ego boost she's been able to pour out!

*hugs* to tikva

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