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JBE concert

First off, a link to an excellent bit of their political commentary.

The concert was inspirational. I'm definitely doing some of these projects:
  • Liberals for Dummies, an honest attempt at outreach across the lines of red/blue
  • Spending the next four years of my life working to see paper trails for all voters
  • Spending the next two years of my life seeing a Democratic governor of Massachusetts elected
Also, my napkin poem got used at the concert! Poem (not very good, but very quickly written):

Red states, blue states
  never meet.
Red channels, blue channels
  remote control flyover
Red people, blue people
  have to meet.

And he used it. I got movies, I'll upload them overnight and link in the morning. I'm pretty damn happy with how it got merged in with the other napkin poems.

Also, during the intermission, my old friend Bob from Rochester called. That was another big boost to my morale. The next four years are going to be the ones where we turn it around. We have to let the red people know who we are, why we are who we are, and how to believe us.
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