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It's been a good morning so far. I got up early and gave a friend a ride to the airport at 5:30am. That was really nice, I feel like I made a hard time for her just ever so slightly easier, and if there's one thing I like, it's being a rescuer. Must be the Disney movie's fault. I should get Bernard for my LJ icon, not Gusto Gummi, now that I think about it. Join the Rescue Aid Society. :)

I then went home and watched some TV... Yay West Wing :)... I managed to snooze a bit on the couch and get up in time to clean up and make it to breakfast feeling alert and wonderful. Breakfast was a big crowd for once, six people showed up, and it was just nice and relaxing. A little drive in to work, and here I am writing up an LJ entry before I get really going...

Some things to consider... what to do with the evening? There's talk of a get-together with my housemates and that social group, but it's still an ill-defined mess, and besides, there are no unattached women in that group. Is that a bad reason to start blowing off a set of friends? Probably. I should make an effort to keep hanging out with them sometimes, but I've started to figure out that at some level it feels like wasting time hanging out with them, time I could be using trying to meet someone. :-/ Such a selfish attitude needs to be quashed, though.

Anyway, an alternative is a zsex gathering for dinner, possibly followed up by going to Manray afterwards... Which could be way cool, really. If I have the wardrobe for Manray. And feel like dealing with a mob at Christopher's. And want to blow off my other friends yet again.

*sigh* How can I get myself organized if I keep overbooking myself like this?

(postscript - Oh, and I found out what was wrong with the OS X LiveJournal client - it was timing out on checking the planetcryo site for a new version. Had I just continued using it after getting the timeout message, it would have worked just fine, normally. The site seems to be back up today, though.)

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