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what to write...

Hmm, the OS X LJ client is acting funny, can't contact the servers or something, so I have to use the web interface... Ick.

So there was a concert at the All Asia tonight, Mazer Rackham played. My best friend and her bandmates really did quite a set there, and as an extra little bonus, I got to verify the rumor that the All Asia management were the people who ran Taiwan Cafe, a real friendly couple. The atmosphere there was really nice, I think I'll be showing up there at random times just hanging out... If only they had a random neighboring 802.11 net it'd be an excellent place to hang out for long times.

I made my first mix CD recently, a "driving music" CD. It still needs some tweaking, but it's mostly ok. If only there was a single really good track on the Days of Thunder score. But it's nice going from Natalie Imbruglia to J-Pop to Groovelily to Talking Heads all on one CD. Need to make more of these. And I hope Mazer comes out with a CD, there's at least one song of theirs I'd like on this CD. :)

I bought a gummi bear plush at the comic book store this morning, the guys behind the counter chuckled and my coworkers laughed. I'm glad to bring amusement to their lives, and I'm glad to have a gummi bear. So it all works out well. :) What a great show that was.

Work proceeds. Not much else to say there.

It sure feels later than midnight right now. I hope this means I'll sleep well and get up early tomorrow.

Saw cute people I hadn't seen in a long time tonight at the concert. A girl I met like once at a beach trip was there, and she remembered me. She was there with her boyfriend, but hey, I'm not above having just-hang-out friends. In fact, that seems to be my specialty. :)

Another cute girl I hadn't seen in years was there; she's been living out of town and just happened to be around for this concert. Lucky. And going back to CA soon.

Let's see... Sunday was good, learned new things, saw friends, had sushi, and generally started to feel like I was figuring things out. May have been jumping the gun on that feeling, but hey.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some significant events. I wonder what they are. My room is a serious mess, no wonder I'm thinking about what moving will be like in June. I talked to my ex-landlords at Unseen University, and they seemed to be interested in having me back, if we can figure out the logistics. I wonder about that, and I said I was serious about considering it an option, but I wonder if I really want to just find some place in Arlington or further out. Hard to have parties if I'm not T accessible, but... It'd be nice to be able to bring people back to my place at will.


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