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a dream and some extension

I had a dream about Square Dancing, kinda, and when I woke up I thought about it some more, and this is the bit of metaphor that came out...

So I was in a club tip, with the dozens of calls I don't know yet, and I was trying to keep up, figuring out where I was supposed to be by watching the others. Every once in a while I'd step on a foot or fall out of the square entirely, but for some reason I kept getting back in and getting completely lost. Girls were spinning past me, and I was just totally incompetent.

Some of that might have been constructed in my mind after I woke up; I don't know.

I need to make some progress, dammit. I need to do something other than treading water, I need to catch a hand and hold onto it.

In other news, this week's Buffy episode was pretty depressing.
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