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the weekend, summarized

Friday - Mary's w/ Rachel, Heidi, ghudson, baronet, and Chris. Good crowd, well within my comfort zone, with Tosci's afterwards. Then, Rachel, Heidi, Greg and I dithered on what to do next for a while, which was amusing in and of itself, since nothing was really pressing... Then we finally got to the video store, and had a choice between Sinbad and Millennium Actress. We chose the latter, and I was pretty happy for it. It'd still be nice to see Sinbad at some time, but MA really hit the spot Friday night.

Saturday - my first attempt to get out of the house early enough to go to Ikea. Got caught up trying to compare Star Wars DVDs, purchased Special Edition vs. downloaded Laserdisc pre-Special edition, and didn't get out 'til after 10.

As I drove down Somerville Ave. towards Park St., I had one of those "I've got a bad feeling about this" moments when I realized I was driving my car without state inspection, and without insurance inspection. I suspect I was driving uninsured. So I headed to Maaco to get inspected, but they only do it Tuesday to Thursday...  I resigned myself to driving to CT and just being careful, but as I got to Central Square on my way to the Mass Pike, the bad feeling came back, and I realized that maybe the Magazine Beach Shell Station could at least get me the state inspection. 

Got in line...  behind four cars.  Wrote some more of an ongoing letter...  happened to see that my backpack contained the list of places that could do insurance inspections.  Lo and behold, the Magazine Beach Shell does those too!  So I killed two birds with one stone, but I wasn't out of there 'til after noon.  No way I'd go to Ikea Saturday.

Instead, I spent the afternoon hanging out with Jeff, one of my new housemates, looking at furniture, yard sales, and rugs.  Furniture was mostly a bust; the craigslist people we called about sectional sofas had pretty much all sold theirs, and the armoire people would have to wait for Sunday...  the yard sales were a bit better; I got a chess/backgammon/other game set, a nice framed print of that Picasso Don Quixote painting, and a set of sealable jars for flour, sugar, etc. for the kitchen for $10 total.  And the rugs made me feel vaguely like I might be allergic, and that I should not work in a rug store where the air is saturated with the stuff.

Saturday evening was two parties.  awfief had her 80s thing, and almost no one I knew was at that one...  but it was a lot of fun, and I met some new people, and I have this wacky urge to try to talk to the host about tracking down one of the women I talked to there.  :-)  After a bit it was time to make it over to another party, which was more laid back.

Sunday - Woke up, and went to totient and company's yard sale, picked up a whiteboard/corkboard for the house, a nice glass pot lid, and a USB 2.0 PCI card for like $3 total.  Yard sales with computer stuff are great!  Attempt two to hit the road and go to Ikea went much better; I was out of town by 10:30. 

Returned my Ikea stuff with no fuss whatsoever.  They didn't look at the opened bits, or ask why, or anything.  And their "take a number" system for the returns area meant I got to sit in a comfy couch for a little while and just people watch, while waiting to get to return the stuff.  Ikea's a great place.  I then went through at a leisurely pace, at least compared to last time I was there, and just enjoyed the atmosphere. 

On the drive back I had a minor "Eureka!" moment about my sci-fi game. I'll be sending some email about this at some point. Riiiiight. I really need to get more time in front of a computer with a word processor and no net to make some writing happen.

Called people on my way back to try to drum up support for a plan to go see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Ended up seeing it with chenoameg and her DH at 8:00, while baronet and vorpalbunny ended up seeing the 8:50 show, given certain timing issues with buses and stuff; didn't know they made it at all until the next morning.

The movie was great, and many of the people I know will hate it.  It was pretty much exactly what I wanted it to be, and expected.  Nobody failed to live up to the cliche, and the plot was actually cooler than I expected.  The cinematography was beautiful, and, well, I just expect Frankie will get a bigger part in the sequel. 

Random thoughts about the thing: 1930s physics allows for some incredibly fun stuff.  The fact that Britain got to be a superpower in this movie really drove home that they were in that era.  He sure did have a whole lotta planes on the ground, for a mercenary army with (apparently) only the one pilot.  The callsign on his plane was actually quite well done.  It wasn't until the credits that I figured out who Totenkopf was, and that was extremely appropriate.

So all in all, wow.  But if you have an allergy to stereotypically incompetent female leads, don't see this movie.  It'll break your brain.  But I will say that the people I know who said that Gwyneth Paltrow didn't know how to act this part were confused; you're thinking of L.A. Confidential.  Wrong genre.  You just didn't like the part.

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