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another tidbit from the special edition

"Your tauntaun will freeze before you reach the first marker!"
"Then I'll see you in heck!"

no. not really. but seriously. it might as well be that bad.

The sound on these DVDs seems downright sabotaged. There's music nearly *missing* from key scenes, unless that's just my speaker setup being wrong, and dialog volume is extremely choppy... I had read about this problem elsewhere, but forgot about it while watching the first DVD... then remembered as soon as I heard the change in volume during a couple lines. (quiet, murky Leia: "He certainly has courage." sharp, crisp Luke: "What good will that do us if he gets himself killed?")

I suspected that they redubbed the "I care" line to be less whiny, but going back to the pre-edit version I just downloaded off the Internet I see that, in fact, the years have not been kind to people's memory of that line.

Aha. And the line I just pointed out, where Luke gets really loud for one line suddenly? I just checked, and he does rather mumble the line in the original version. You can only kind of figure out what he's saying... Which is fine, the brain can fill in the blanks, I think. But I kinda see why Lucas might have thought bringing that line out a little would be good. I just disagree.

Huh. I wonder if it's a coincidence that the volume issues I've noticed are mostly the ones complained about... er... somewhere else. I did notice a couple other lines of dialog that were surprisingly crisp (some of it during the briefing on the moon of Yavin, some in other places), but mostly it was the music at the beginning of the run on the death star I missed most. That riff on the Jedi theme as the x-wings kinda do a roll, dropping down for their attack on the Death Star, a key moment in John Williams' score. Buried on the DVD.

Enh. So there'll be at least one more DVD edition coming out at some point. Fine. Next time I wait for the reviews.

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