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Hmm. Lots of Yom Kippur entries in my friends page lately. I'm not Jewish, don't practice religion, but I can see how a day of atonement, where you start by asking the forgiveness of those you've wronged over the past year, is an extremely powerful tool for maintaining a good mental and spiritual bill of health.

But I see a couple posts of the form "Anyone who I may have wronged, I ask your forgiveness." And this seems to me to be missing the point. Seems to me, one must mentally go over the last year, spend time contemplating your actions, trying to see them from others' points of view. You can't ask others to tell you you've wronged them; it's unreliable, and it's giving them yet another burden.

The key is to spend time examining your own life and seeing how it affects others. If you see places where it affects others negatively, ask forgiveness, be relieved of a burden on your subconscious, and change your actions for the future.

Am I wrong here?

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