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fisher price's My First Raid

I don't talk about DAoC much here; it seems like a subject of limited interest.  I've got Lochinola, my level 50 Nightshade, and he has a Ring of Dances, and the book needed to activate the Shades of Mist, and whoopie-ding to most of those reading.  But last night I explored another dimension of the game, one that I've only tangentially touched on before—the social side of it.

A week ago at someone else's raid, I mentioned that I still needed Master Level 4, but after that it was just simple tasks to get up through Master Level 7, since I had credit for all the tricky bits in there.  Someone said "Why don't you run an ML4 raid?" and I decided on the spot to make it happen.  I announced my raid, posted it on the various relevant Internet fora, and started preparations... reading up on the raid, figuring out what items we would need, what tasks I needed people to accomplish, and generally doing my homework.

Last night, it was showtime.  We started out in the siege on the Fortress of Storms, and everything was going like clockwork; I was telling the various groups who showed up for the raid what to do, and things seemed to be under control...  then at one point something went wrong, and because of a bug in the game (monsters were walking through walls, rather than being forced to enter a town through the entryway we had guards set on), the siege started taking longer, and longer, and longer. 

Then I allowed myself to get tied down in one place, placing my group on guard duty (since I had to send a rescue mission back, we were very low on people at that point)...  I ended up asking an experienced guildmate of mine to take over and try to make the siege happen.  We still had no idea what was causing our problems (it wasn't until very near the end that someone noticed the monsters going through the wall), and I was starting to worry that I had messed something up in my preparations.

Anyway, we ended the raid in failure at around 11:30pm, but I got complimented on delegating to experienced heads when they were available and willing to deal, and complimented on not broadcasting frustration across the battlegroup.  I think overall, despite its failure, the night was a minor success.  I could do this again.

And in fact, I've announced attempt 2 for ML4 on Nimue/Hibernia for next Thursday at 8pm.  We know what we have to watch for now, and I think we can take this fortress relatively easily this time around.


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