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Life recently

Thursday I got to see forgotten_aria, ghudson and binkbink, play around with some video game stuff, and borrow their copy of KotOR (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) for X-Box. Need more excuses to get over there, or to get them over to my house, now that ... well, I'll get to that :)

It started with a D&D game on Friday night. There's some promise there, even though I arrived mentally unprepared to play a Charisma 18 Bard/Nobleman. But really, when am I ever actually prepared to play a Charisma 18 anything? ;-)

Saturday morning I spent a whole bunch of time playing KotOR, and putzing around getting the living room slightly straightened out...  Ate a little food, I think.  Not sure.  Anyway, the time passed until chenoameg and 76trombones asked me if I was interested in a bike-riding plan.  I most certainly was, so I headed on over to UU and — oh, right!  There was soup and bread at UU, that was my lunch that day.  Yum! — we ended up taking the T to Kendall, and biking along the river to Harvard.  It was truly a great day for it, and at Harvard we took a break for bookstores...  When they headed for the T, I ended up biking the rest of the way home; the day energized me that well, and I'm still not smart enough to be afraid of the traffic. 

Got home, played a little more KotOR, snagged a couple old friends into getting some dinner, and reminisced a little.  Overall, Saturday was a wonderfully relaxing day.

Oh, did I mention that Friday there was a call from work right after I left, informing me of a bug in my code that needed to be fixed over the weekend?  Sunday was more straightening out at home, watching TV, playing KotOR, and then, finding Yoav online to get some lunch with...  and then I headed to the office to fix the bug.  Fixed the bug, and went back home to hang out and be a bump on a log...  until chenoameg stopped by for a walk.  Again, a perfect rescue from sitting-around-the-house syndrome.  Got a burrito (perfect for eating while walking), and swung by to see the house that burned up

Monday morning started with preparations for the cleaners coming, putting stereo wiring stuff back in boxes and stuff like that...  They came, they started cleaning, and I left for my noon D&D run.  This character I'm a little more comfortable as, thankfully.  I'm getting the hang of gnome illusionist; I even got to make fake fire to herd the big spider things (ettercaps?) towards our fighters, instead of using their ranged weapons (ranged weapons?)...

Anyway...  Good stuff.  Gotta run, more later.

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