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Spendy mood

This here is what I call my spendy mood.  I'm confident about my job, energized by a feeling of real accomplishment there... and getting ideas for what I could do at home if I had things set up just right...

I'm feeling good about my job; the company is doing well, and my work is about to have a direct influence on this.  Competent, fun, and engaging.  And various factors are making my take-home pay significantly higher than it used to be (taxes are lower in MA, I'm not having money taken out for a stock purchase plan, rent is lower, and my salary is higher), so I'm feeling a little...  prosperous.  High as a kite, more like.

This is why last night at karaoke I got the idea of spending $600 on a SCD-G player and 2800 songs' worth of karaoke.  This is why this morning I ordered the new 20" iMac (thus effectively ending the idea of the SCD-G player, at least as long as that thing stays on order).  I have 3-4 weeks before they ship the thing; three to four weeks to come to my senses, and cancel the order.

Again I'm sitting here wondering how I got to this place...  I guess I made some tough choices.  Effectively took a 20-month vacation (14 months of that paid in a job I was, apparently, overqualified for) and came back refreshed and really ready to stretch my brainpower a bit.  I really hope this feeling lasts.

In other news, tonight I spent a little time playing around with LJ's style stuff...  With minimal work I've got my friends page in the same style as my home page, though without the links.  I hope to learn the Perl stuff of their layers system well enough to get the journal to basically seem to be an integral part of my homepage.  Mess around a little with DNS and it could really be neat.  Or, at least, fun to set up.

Projects coming down the line: the sci-fi game (either Tortuga Station, or Roanoke, depending on how my mood falls when I finally make time to write down what I'm going to do... which better come soon if I'm gonna run Sept 13.  I'm guessing I won't make that date)...  D&D Character Database, to eventually become, maybe, the engine for a game, or something?  I'm starting to get that urge again, as I start to enjoy programming — this is the feeling I've missed for years.  And the reason I'm letting myself order the iMac... for now.

Apartment stuff — set up my room.  clean up the bathroom.  set up the stereo (buy new speakers?  no.  not while the iMac is coming).  clean up the kitchen.  clean up the tv room.  get D's futon into the guest room.  buy a computer desk (visit Ikea?  would be fun independent of the desk).  buy laundry detergent.  figure out how to let the cleaners in once a month.  cook something, fer pete's sake.


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