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decline of my livejournal

I've been very, very lax posting here...

Possible topics for upcoming posts when I have time:

  • Fear of losing the will to Game. Though I would still love to write support software for games, at least there's that.
  • Using RT to track my life, now that I've got it installed on my laptop.
  • Thoughts on cooking
  • Thoughts on money
  • Thoughts on housing - looked at a condo this weekend that was beautiful, perfect, and waaaaay too expensive. *sigh* Don't know what I'll do come June.
  • Friends with friends who go off to find themselves. Thinking that doesn't sound so bad. Thinking it doesn't sound so good either.
  • Dinner. No, wait, that's just what's on my mind right now. Dinner and a keyboard, actually. Want to hit Micro Center.
  • Friday night gaming, and how it annoys me when I want to be somewhere else during a game.
  • Saturday afternoon bowling and how I need to work up my finger and wrist stamina again so I can bowl more than one 163 game. (or at least break 100 in the fourth game.)
  • Saturday night hanging out with a friend, old-school. That rocked, just sitting, chatting, watching movies or TV shows, and generally hanging out. Need to do that more often. And Dr. Strangelove rocks.
  • Dinner. Hm, I must be hungry if that came up twice.
  • Fire and Ice. Or, at least, future avoidance of such.

So anyway... I should get back to work. At least I'm being productive today. Four tests compile and link. Now to make them run.


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