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ideas from yesterday not to forget

  • Vote exchange program website for Buchanan voters in Palm Beach County; we'll vote for Buchanan in MA if you'll vote for Kerry in FL.
  • The way to make a PDA watch work.
  • The "I did the Blarney Stone" t-shirt

In other news, listening to this Renee Olstead album on Rhapsody, I think I'll be buying a CD or two of hers...  but there's no way that's a fifteen-year old singing on these tracks.

Last night was fun, went to a tame bachelor party, at Boston Billiards Club.  A word to the wise, the two- and three- table rooms look a lot more comfortable than their four-table room was.  But it was good catching up with some folks I hadn't seen in a while, and over the course of the evening I had something like five beers, and one of those test tubes of strawberry-flavored liquor they bring around periodically there.  This morning I have a mild hangover that I've been dozing to make go away... 

That mild hangover, coupled with the fact that my butt feels bruised again, is motivating me to take the wimp's way out today, and drive to work.  That's fine, too, since I should bring my gym bag home over the weekend and replenish the clothing supplies contained therein.

Musical tonight, parties tomorrow, wedding Sunday, karaoke Monday.  Work today, probably helping paint tomorrow morning...  A full weekend indeed.


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