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metagame feats...

Cool and Collected - Choose one type of interaction (combat, social, or come up with your own) that your character is particularly good at.  Once per episode, you may invoke this feat when your character is faced with such a situation to cause action to stop for five minutes, during which you can discuss options with the other players, out of character.  This represents outstanding experience and competence at your chosen sphere of interaction.  This feat may not be taken more than once.

Teamwork - Specify another Player Character as the target of the Teamwork feat.  This character must also take the Teamwork feat targetting you.  The players of these characters know each other very well and players can speak to each other, out of character, even during the tensest situations.  Prereq: Character Level 5+, known the target(s) for at least one level gain.

Snappy Comeback - Before each run, provide up to three situations or straight lines you'd like to see come up to the GM.  Also provide the GM with your planned comeback, a perfectly delivered line.  The GM should make some effort to include one of these in the run.

The wording of these isn't quite right yet, and I have no idea what the cost of these should be, if any (just tell the players "pick one"?  only if I can come up with more along the same vein so we get some variety...)  but I think they're ready for people to look at at least.  I don't remember if I've posted these before, but hey, here they are now.

edit: found this in another file from some time back... Story Feat - Right Hand Man. You are the trusted advisor to another character. Because you know each other so well, you can act predictably and in the interest of each other. Three times in a gaming session you can stop time and have a private out-of-character conversation about what the appropriate course of action is for sixty seconds. This represents the instinctual bond you have grown over years of working together.

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